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GW Instek GPD-3303D Power Supply

GW Instek GPD-3303D

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Multiple Output Programmable Linear D.C. Power Supply
The GPD-3303S / GPD-3303D series inherits the superior technology and high quality, which GWInstek has established through its long history of power supply design and manufacturing. The GPD-3303S /GPD-3303D series provides 195W output power, three isolated output channels, high resolution output(GPD-3303S ), digital control panel, 4 sets of setup memory, USB remote control, smart cooling fan control, high reliability, and compact size. The GPD-3303S / GPD-3303D establish a new benchmark for economic programmable linear D.C. power supply market segment. The most remarkable feature of this series product with minimum 1mV / 1mA resolution of GPD-3303S, which right fits into the applications needing accurate control of power source.GPD-3303D, another member of the family, is considered a digitally-upgraded version of GPS-3303

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