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Greisinger GMI15 Влагомер, Измеритель влаги в материалах

Greisinger GMI15

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GMI 15
Digital indicator for moisture in wood and buildings
Non-destructive measurement
Fast estimation of the existence of moisture
Display range (building materials): 0-5(dry), 6-9 (humid, normal humidity level), 10-... (wet)
Display range (wood): 0-3 (dry), 3-6 (air dry), 6-11 (wind dry), 11-... (wet)
Depth of measuring: up to approx. 3cm
Field of application: e.g.:
mobile homes, polyester boats
building contractors, building experts, architects
property management, house owners, etc.
The GMI15 is an indicator for fast estimation of moisture.
However, it does not replace a precision measuring instrument, like the type GMH 3830

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