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Castle GA116L Шумомер, Измеритель шума,

Castle GA116L

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Цена: 1 086.96

This top of the range model is a Noise at Work and Environmental Sound Meter boasting a combined Integrating Sound Level Meter and Dose Meter with full data logging capability.
Simply unplug the Sound Meter Microphone and plug in the Dose Meter cable to convert to a fully functional Dose Meter (Model GA116L Only).
This model also features dual measurement capability meaning two versions of applicable parameters can be measured simultaneously. This feature means you only ever need to measure once to capture all the data you need!
The instrument has user selectable operating modes for instant automatic setup of the instrument for Noise at Work or Environmental parameters. Alternatively the instrument can be configured manually to meet your exact requirements.
Analysis of recorded data can be achieved by transferring the data from the instrument into the software dBdataPro using the instruments USB port.

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