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Kimo Portables AMI 310 PRO Daudzfunkcionālais vides parametru mērītājs

Kimo Portables AMI 310 PRO

Piegāde: pasūtāms
Cena: 3 273.00

Multi-function portable instrument, with colour backlit graphic display, with 2 input channels for measuring probes and PT100 temp. probes (-200 to +600Ā°C), 2 Thermocouple K, J, T, S input channels (-200 +1760 Ā°C), output for PC and printer. Supplied with pressure module (- 500 + 500 Pa and 2 to 28 m/s), telescopic hotwire probe, length 1m, with graduation, swivelling at 90Ā° (0.15 to 30 m/s), STAINLESS STEEL hygrometry probe (3 to 98 %RH and -40 +180 Ā°C), Ƙ 100 mm telescopic vane probe, length 1m, swivelling at +/- 90Ā° (0.3 to 35 m/s), Pitot tube length 300 mm, Ƙ 6 mm with integrated TCK temperature probe, 2 x 1 m of silicone tube (black and white), stainless steel tube Ƙ 6mm length 100mm, 2 cables with mini-Din connector, for measuring probes, 2 lithium ion rechargeable batteries, with USB / mains adapter cable, Micro-SD board for data storage, calibration certificate and transport case. Coming in option: all measuring modules, all measuring and temperature probes (wire and wireless),software,printer.

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