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SEW 180CB Kabeļu meklētājs


Noliktavā: 1
Cena: 69.00

Amplifier Probe with Tone Generator: 180CB Cable Tracer

The 180CB comes supplied with an Amplifier Probe and Tone Generator.

Amplifier Probe

The amplifier probe will not damage the insulation and helps identify and trace wires or cables. 

  • Contains an ON and OFF button for increased battery life
  • Adjust the volume to the users preference 
  • Works with tone generator to identify wires
  • Headset or handset operation via a phone jack

Tone Generator

Will locate and identify individual conductors or cable pairs.

  • Capability to be used as a continuity and polarity tester
  • LED display shows test results


Instruction manual, Soft pouch and Batteries.

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